Specification and accreditations

Building Highlights

+ Large, lateral floorplates
+ Superb natural daylight
+ Original warehouse features
+ Private terraces with panoramic views overlooking Westminster
+ Generous floor to ceiling heights (2.6m-3.3m)
+ Dedicated cycle ramp from street level
+ 3 passenger lifts
+ Ready to go fibre connectivity
+ Hybrid VRF Systems with openable windows

Target accreditations

BREEAM excellent
EPC B Rating
Well Pre-Certification

Healthier commuting. Happier working.

The basement cycle park will provide 190 spaces, more than 200 lockers, plus ample shower and changing facilities to help ensure that two-wheeled commuting is a breeze.


Work out. Eat in.

Greycoat Stores is more than a workplace. With a newly remodelled space for a café, restaurant and gym on the Ground and Lower Ground floors, it will be a bustling new hub for the neighbourhood.


Technical specification

Building Envelope
The building envelope is designed to respect its surrounding neighbours. The refacing of the principal facade (Floors G - 4) will reinstate a brick elevation to the street and replacement crittall windows which re-establish a warehouse aesthetic that was once an intrinsic characteristic of the building’s heritage. The Floor 5 envelope sees a hybrid of both existing and new elements, featuring south facing circular windows and a new steel construction that celebrates its historic character while bringing the design into modern day context. The introduction of Floor 6 features full height glazing complemented with a zinc finish, and a new 45 degree mansard on Floor 7 with full height glazing and zinc finishes.
Critical Design Data
No. of storeys
  • 9 levels comprising of 6 existing floors (B - 4) and the introduction of 3 new floors (5 - 7)
Total Office Floor Area:
  • 70,200 sq ft
Total Amenity Area:
  • 9,136 sq ft
Cycle Park
  • 190 cycle spaces (including long and short stay parking)
Floor to ceiling (to underside of Soffit)
  • Level 7:    2.6m
  • Level 6:   2.7m
  • Level 5:   2.8m
  • Level 4:   2.8m
  • Level 3:   2.8m
  • Level 2:   2.9m
  • Level 1:    3.2m
  • Level G:  3.3m 
Lighting / service zone
  • Varies
Structural Zone
  • Varies
Occupational Densities
 Design Occupancy:
  • W/C Occupancy: 1:8 in accordance with HSE standards.
  • Ventilation/Servicing Strategy: 1 person/8 sqm, 12 l/s/p (+10% additional) in accordance with BCO requirements.
  • Means of escape: 1:6 for Office, 1:2 restaurant, 1:4 for retail and gym.
  • Lifts: 1 Person / 8 sqm (80% utilisation). Lift design is in accordance with BCO requirements for a high density office.
Offices Level G - 4
Wall finishes & columns
  • Exposed original brickwork feature walls.
  • Restored Victorian steel columns. 
Floor Finishes
  • Metal tile raised floor with a 300mm void.
Ceiling Finishes & Lighting
  • Articulated scalloped ceiling detail, complemented by high level exposed services with industrial suspended tube lighting.
  • Replacement Crittall opening windows with full height glazing and blinds to provide solar shading.
Offices Level 5 - 7
Wall Finishes
  • Exposed new steel structures to complement the existing building fabric. New brickwork is introduced at Level 5 and a plasterboard to Levels 6 and 7.
Floor Finishes
Metal tile floor finish throughout:
  • Level 5: 200mm raised access floor.
  • Level 6: 180mm raised access floor.
  • Level 7: 150mm raised access floor.
Ceiling Finishes & Lighting
  • High level concealed services with integrated linear lighting within a plasterboard soffit.
  • Full height south facing glazed windows with integrated solar shading.
Toilet Area
Superloos on each floor with large format mirrors, high end aged bronze ironmongery and crittall style doors. Touchless sanitary ware to offer maximum hygiene. Terrazzo floors and concrete effect wall coverings. Toilets are split across the core to offer maximum accessibility and to allow for a flexible floor plate.
Level G                2 WCs
Level 1 - 4           10 WCs per floor
Level 5                11 WCs
Level 6 and 7    6 WCs per floor
Shower Room
  • 15 showers comprising 9 male and 6 female showers.
  • Tiled flooring with industrial brassware. Changing facilities feature blue metal ironmongery and lockers to contrast with its surroundings.
Common parts
  • 2 Industrial concrete stair cores which offset the warmth of timber doors, plasterboard walls and exposed lighting.
  • The existing stairwell will retain its original brickwork and feature integrated signage, exposed lighting, integrated steel resins and feature balustrade.
Reception Areas
  • Newly remodelled reception comprising circa 1,000 sq ft which interlinks to the cafe unit comprising a further 1,147 sq ft. The reception will also connect with the rear Ground Floor office accommodation.
    The reception will be delivered to a style and specification that respects the general warehouse feel of the building.
Reception desk
  • Bespoke adaptive reception desk. 
Floor Finish
  • Polished concrete with integrated soft matting by the entrance.
Reception Features
  • Feature pendant lighting and retro neon signage.
  • Articulated timber installation above reception desk area.
  • Crittal doors to connect reception to the adjoining cafe.
  • Original sprinkler pump reinstalled in recognition of the building’s heritage.
  • Articulated brick wall to lift core.
  • Full height glazing to connect with the neighbourhood’s street activity.
 Seating area
  • Dedicated arrival seating area located by window adjacent to street activity.
Lift Door Finishes
  • Finish designed to compliment the corresponding floors:
  • Level G  - Bronze tone finish
  • Level 1 - 7 - Stainless steel to compliment the brickwork and concrete finish to lift cores
Cycle Store
Greycoat Stores offers extensive secure cycle storage designed according to the requirements of the London Cycle Parking Design Standards (LCDS) as well as the New Draft London Plan, WELL (ready) and BREEAM UK 2014.
  • Access from street level via the existing vehicular ramp which will be transformed into a vibrant arrival experience for cyclists and runners.
  • 190 cycle spaces including short and long stay cycle parking and over 200 lockers and 15 shower facilities.
  • Bike maintenance area is located in Basement.
Mechanical & Electrical
Lift Installation
  • 3 x passenger lifts to service all floors (G - 7), including 1 goods lift (to access Basement) and 1 fire fighting lift.
  • Leather finishes to all internal lift cars.
Climate Control
  • The building is heated and cooled via high level Fan Coil Units (FCU’s).
  • The FCU’s are served via a hybrid system (Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow) using a combination of water systems and refrigerant to deliver cooling and heating to the building. This system reduces the quantity of refrigerant within the building compared to a traditional VRF system.
  • The system also provides heat recovery between different internal zones to ensure an efficient and sustainable heating and cooling strategy.
Air Change Provision
Fresh air is delivered to the office space via on floor Air Handling Units (AHU’s) with adequate air filtration and heat recovery. The addition of opening windows will allow a full passive and active air strategy to ensure a healthy environment.
Greycoat Stores will achieve WiredScore Platinum meaning all the features of connectivity have been incorporated to the highest level. This includes:
  • 3 unique fibres are able to service the building; Openreach, Colt and Virgin.
  • Two diverse telecommunication intakes and telco rooms to enable diverse routes for internet service provider cables.
  • Pre-wired fibre backbone to each floor – suitable for multi tenant connections.
  • Dedicated, secure and climate controlled space for service provider equipment to be located.
  • Capacity within the intake ducts and risers for additional cabling.
  • Radio frequency tests to assess the mobile service throughout the building.
External Works
Roof Terraces
  • East facing terraces have been incorporated into the building at Floors 6 & 7 offering exceptional views across London. 
Brown Roof
  • A 140m2 healthy brown roof will aid environmental values as well as improve the outlook for users and neighbours. 
Storage Facility
  • Additional storage can be provided if required by the tenant. 
Standby Generator
  • There is space allocated for a standby generator if required.



Freddie Corlett
07870 555 842

Kate Miedzianowska-Sinclair
07790 923 878


William Foster
07748 985 951

Ben Lewis
07966 233 680


Catherine Lloyd
07795 445 833

Hannah Buxton
07976 747 569

A development by RE Capital & LaSalle Investment Management

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